The Struggle For Art III - Art Non-Réaliste™

"The Struggle For Art III™"
'Art Non-Réaliste™'
April 4, 2011 through April 29, 2011

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 9, 2011
9 am to Noon

From April 4, 2011 through April 29, 2011 CornerStone Art Center™ is pleased to host the The Struggle For Art III 'Art Non-Réaliste™' an invitational exhibit of regional artists..

The opening reception for The Struggle For Art III 'Art Non-Réaliste™' was held on Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 9 am to Noon at the CornerStone Art Center™, located on 1500 - 119th Street in the back of Centier Bank.

The Struggle for Art III - 'Art Non-Réaliste™' was an exhibit of abstract art work in a variety of mediums. Included were acrylic works, ceramics, collage, oil paintings, sculpture and installation pieces. It is about suggesting an idea through one's works that are not necessarily meant to reveal the true meaning of the artist's conception. As stated previously, The Struggle For Art is, also, related to making a picture, rendering an image in ones mind or perhaps creating content from random markings. It is an age old struggle that an artist undertakes and is bound to pursue. Choosing elements and expressive actions, the artist is driven to express a singular idea or perhaps one of life's mysterious notions. The result, a painting, a sculpture or some other visual art form, is but a fleeting glimpse into our world."

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'I Am Smiling'
Robert Stanley

'Between Breaks Numbers Only2'
L Lee Heinsen Ligocki

Tome Brand

'Strip Tease'
Carole Stodder

'Cloud Circles'
Carrie Ohm

'Natural Selection'
Gregg Hertzlieb

'Looking For A Home'
Jim Panos

Dawn Diamantopoulos

'All of Creation'
Diane McGarel

'Mexican Road Trip'
Leon Sarantos

Susan Regnier

'Family Fun Time'
Brenda Farris Family

Judy Pampalone

Carole Stodder

'Studio View'
Tom Brand

'Interlocked Images - Venice'
Leon Sarantos

'An Open Mind'
Anthony Gutierrez

Roert Stanley

'Monument I'
Jim Panos

Diane McGarel

L Lee Heinsen-Ligocki

'Blue Labarynth'
Gordon Ligocki

'Transfigured Night'
Tom Brand

'Out of the Blue'
Carole Stodder

'Misery Loves Company'
Dawn Diamantopoulos

'The Bitter End'
Dawn Diamantopoulos

'Natural Selection 74'
Gregg Hertzlieg

'He Is Here She Is There'
Jim Panos

'Fossils Now
Robert Stanley

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